Engineering is Our Business                                                                      ISO: 9001:2015 certified company.

Our History


HBL Power Systems Ltd is a listed Indian company, in business since 1977, with a focus on engineered products and services. Our initial business strategy was to identify technology gaps in India that the company could fill by 'indigenous efforts'. The first products selected and successfully developed were Aircraft batteries - eventually leading to HBL offering the worlds widest range of specialized batteries. Our expertise in batteries generated opportunities and ideas to diversify.

The company moved into new businesses and markets that utilise our batteries, such as industrial electronics, defense electronics, and railway electronic signaling.Recent diversification, leveraging the companies engineering strengths, has led to new businesses in precision manufacturing, spun reinforced concrete and 'green' technology products.

Our success has been built serving some of the world's most demanding customers and applications. We would value your opportunity to serve your business.

HBL America

HBL America Inc is located in Rocky Hill, CT and is a wholly owned subsidiary of HBL Power Systems Ltd of India. This new distribution center will provide Commercial & Technical Support, Product Availability & Training, as well as support to our U.S. Sales Representatives network in meeting the battery system needs of our customers.

The new facility provides inventory inspection and storage. All batteries are quality checked and charged prior to shipment to customers. HBL utilizes all IEEE recommendations for testing and battery sizing, and batteries are capacity tested at the manufacturing site, as part of our commitment of service to our customers.

HBL America Inc., supplies both lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries for back-up power in critical applications in the Aviation; Telecom; Industrial manufacturing; Oil and Gas production; Utility and Railway sectors.

Middle East

GULF BATTERIES COMPANY LLC is a joint venture collaboration of HBL and was formed in the year 2009 in the Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manufacture specialised batteries under technology and brand license with HBL Power Systems Ltd.

Saudi Industrial partners are Advanced Electronics Company – an economic offset programmed company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Abdullah H..Al. Shuwayer group based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Battery Company offers a wide range of Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Valve Regulated and Low Maintenance Lead Acid batteries (also known as OPzS) providing its customers custom built solutions to meet critical system requirements.

Presence in Other Countries

Besides this HBL has local presence in Continental Europe and UK and a few other countries with marketing offices.

From all Its locations HBL strive to provide the same world class product and service.