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Our Services

HBL has the largest team of trained service technicians in the industry with the expertise to handle installations of any size and for any application. HBL undertakes all types of battery services mentioned under.

Installation Services

HBL has the largest team of trained service technicians in the industry with the expertise to handle installations of any size and for any application.

Our battery and charger installation services begin with a thorough review of your site and your requirements so that we can provide a solution that's customized to your needs. We design battery, install equipment, and perform site clean up after installation.

End to End Solution of Installation and Commissioning

¤ Pick and transport fresh battery bank from Warehouse to Site.
¤ De-commission the existing battery bank at site.
¤ Install the fresh battery bank.
¤ Verify SMPS parameters and ensure optimum setting of each parameter for      battery healthiness.
¤ Record individual cell and system voltage and prepare commissioning report.
¤ Transport old (removed) battery bank from site to Warehouse.
¤ Check and revive the prematurely failed batteries, check and certify for reuse.
¤ Coordinate multi-site installations.
¤ Build and install racks or Modules and Battery Bank Outdoor Cabinets.
¤ Install Battery management systems ( BMS).
¤ Recommend and schedule preventive maintenance.

Annual maintenance Contracts

At HBL. we provide a wide range of service contracts to many customers in India. Our approach is flexible and we aim to tailor each contract to meet your business needs.

We have preventive maintenance programs to protect your battery and charger and ensure that your operation is operating at peak performance. Batteries that are well maintained will give improved run times and a longer service life.

Our trained service team can provide many services including water topping-up, inspections, repairs, management reports and on-site training for your personnel. We operate from fully equipped service centers that have a stock of spares, accessories and equipment to revive batteries,

¤ Thorough audit and analysis of your operation for customized solutions.
¤ Battery, charger and cell inspections.
¤ Complete periodic maintenance performed by our trained service technicians.
¤ Actionable, detailed reports and recommendations.
¤ Customer training available at your location

Technical Services

From custom battery development to installation and service, engineers and service technicians at HBL can provide solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency.

When specialty applications require a custom energy storage solution, HBL can leverage its industry leading technology to enable novel energy storage applications.

In addition, our full range of technical capabilities includes DC power and turnkey battery installations as well as SPV panel design, supply and Installation, Spun Concrete Monopole design, Manufacturing, erection and technical support.

HBLs service technicians are factory trained to test, install and service any stored energy solution for industrial applications. Our experts can help with planning, engineering, project supervision, certification.

¤ Planning, engineering and project supervision.
¤ Custom cell development and prototyping.
¤ Battery management system design and prototyping.
¤ Inspections on batteries, cells, racks and cabinets.

Subject matter Experts for Battery Bank Maintenance

Every equipment in telecom tower site needs regular monitoring and maintenance for achieving maximum network uptime. This is better achieved through Subject Matter Experts.

HBL, as a Battery SME, monitors battery performance periodically and takes necessary care of battery to get the best out of it during its service life, thus preventing premature battery failure.

For the operator, this translates into enhanced battery life, and assured maximum network uptime, uninterrupted.

Establish and run Battery Recovery Center for to extend service of battery banks at grid power reliable sites.